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这是我们来这里的一个重要原因. 这是你来这里的重要原因. We invite you to take a closer look at how 费什伯恩 combines personal learning, purpose 和 perspective to help you make your mark on the world all at a military academy near you.

Academic success increases as class sizes decrease

因为这个原因, 费什伯恩 Military School limits enrollment to 175 young men, which translates to average class sizes of between 8 和 12. Small classes mean more one-on-one instruction, which we all know is the best way to learn. 费什伯恩 also requires students to attend supervised study halls in the evening, guaranteeing that our cadets stay focused, 完成任务,赶上进度. 结果如何?? 费什伯恩 Military School graduates are leading the way in virtually every walk of life.


All academic courses at 费什伯恩 are taught from a college-preparatory perspective, though the school does not count college enrollment as the only path for a successful student. Our military academy challenges cadets to give full attention to a dem和ing program of studies while balancing their responsibilities in the Corps of 学员 和 on athletic teams. The school’s small class sizes 和 daily supervised study halls help enable students to meet these challenges.

    We offer 双录取, AP, 和 Honors level classes.
    荣誉班更加严格, in-depth classes designed for students who want 和 can h和le a challenge.

    They’re generally offered during all four years of high school in a wide variety of subjects, 包括但不限于 to the subjects required for graduation.
    Smaller classes allow cadets to have the opportunity to actually do the work rather than just learn about it.

    More feedback from instructors results in a better, more effective learning experience.

    There is more incentive to pay attention 和 become involved in a small class, because it is obvious when they don’t.
    Practice speaking in front of peers 和 staff during class 和 in the Corps adds self-assurance 和 poise.
    Public speaking empowers our boys to overcome fear.

    Doing hard things builds confidence, 和 public speaking is no exception.

    Our focus on strong public speaking skills give cadets the confidence to st和 before their peers 和 deliver persuasive ideas with conviction.
    学员 receive one-on-one guidance from an academic advisor based on his goals.
    Each cadet is assigned an Academic Advisor who has one on-one contact almost daily.

    The advisor is responsible for helping the student with academic growth.

    学员 are provided daily supervised study halls for academic success.
    • 大三准备
    • College representatives 和 college night programs
    • 关闭 collaboration during a cadet’s senior year
    • 大学咨询
    • 万豪在线娱乐规划
    • 职业学院规划
    • Preparing 学员 for SAT 和 ACT Testing
    • 大学夜校
    Allows cadets to remain at the cutting edge of future professions.
    IT Fundamentals 和 技术 Skills
    + + + +
    Introduction to Coding 和 Computer 科学 Using Python
    • • • •
    + + + + +
    3D Modelling 和 3D Printing/Manufacturing
    • • • •
Cyber Patriots \ Leadership Bowl \ Academic Bowl


超越物质, the 美国陆军JROTC augments cadets’ curriculum with its 领导教育 Training program. Administered by retired 和 regular Army personnel, this program teaches the value of citizenship, 领导, 服务社会, 个人责任, 还有成就感, 在灌输自尊的同时, 团队合作, 自律.

未来2022 - 2023


终身领导 will be a customized curriculum designed by the educational professionals at 费什伯恩 to build meaningful 领导 skills 和 habits in the boys. 终身领导 does not duplicate what the cadets learn in JROTC. It builds on that program 和 other classwork to amplify the attributes of a military-style education 和 its role in helping the boys be successful within the school environment, 在他们未来的生活中. Designing a credible curriculum worthy of peer scrutiny 和 费什伯恩 families takes time. While underway in its development in 2021, 终身领导 will likely make its public preview in the academic year of 2022-23.

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”

— malcolm forbes \ American entrepreneur \ Publisher of Forbes magazine